Monday, October 18, 2010

5 Reasons to put Copyblogger on your must-subscribe list

This post was originally created as class assignment #4 for MSU's New Media Driver's License course, and posted to the course website on October 18, 2010.

Are you reading Copyblogger? If you’re serious about developing your online copywriting and content marketing skills, and you want to enjoy yourself along the way, I’m here to convince you to start today.

But why should you take my word for it? How do you know if Copyblogger, or any blog for that matter, is worth your time? When it comes to digital marketing, there’s a ton of information and two tons of opinions out there; it’s hard to know how to get to the good stuff. For what it’s worth, here’s a tip that’s working for me: When investigating a blog for the first time, I start out skeptical and let the blog win me over. And this is one place where it’s ok to allow yourself the luxury of impatience: If you don’t pick up at least one useful nugget of info in the first 2 posts you read, move on.

I found I couldn’t get through the first paragraph of the first post I read on Copyblogger without jotting down notes, and it’s been that way ever since. I hope you’ll have a similar experience, and that, like me, you’ll appreciate the many ways this blog is worth following:

1. You’ll write more good better. Copyblogger’s name defines its priorities: This is first and foremost a copywriter’s site. Sure, you’ll learn how all the social media goodies can help get content noticed on the web, but always within the context of strengthening your copywriting skills.

2. You’ll think like a blogger (while still feeling and writing like yourself). Copyblogger believes in the talents and writing voices of its audience. They’re not out to change your voice; just to help your voice to be heard.

3. You’ll feel right at home talking back. Copyblogger has a huge, loyal, smart, engaged audience, and the comments they make do more than compliment the blogger, they complement the post. Most Copyblogger posts have over 100 comments (many I’ve seen have 300+), and it feels like a conversation you can be a part of, not a clique of insiders.

4. You’ll hear multiple voices in one place. I could sing the praises of Copyblogger’s founder and very frequent contributor Brian Clark all day. He’s a superb writer and a very good explainer , and if he authored every Copyblogger post I’d still be a loyal reader. But one of the big pluses of Copyblogger is that it has so many other wonderful contributors, all of whom make their living communicating in the digital space. One who recently shared some great advice for beginning bloggers is Pamela Wilson. Although she’s probably forgotten more about blogging than I’ll ever know, she still remembers what it’s like to be learning this stuff for the first time, and her post provided me with real inspiration to keep blogging.

5. You’ll take away something you can use today. A wise teacher recently encouraged new media newbies like me to “imitate before you innovate.” The more I dig into Copyblogger, the more I find to imitate, and the more inspired I am to adopt their suggestions to improve my writing.

In fact, I’m doing my darndest to use many of the techniques I’ve seen on Copyblogger within this very post! Leave a comment to let me know how many you notice. (Hint: that was one.)

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