Thursday, February 24, 2011

Final Presentation: A Short's Story

This post was originally created as class assignment #10, the final assignment for MSU's New Media Driver's License course, and posted to the course website on November 29, 2010.  The slide presentation (without presenter notes) is reproduced below, and was presented to the class on December 4, 2010.

This presentation is the story of how a company called Short’s can build a tall brand. It outlines a comprehensive, integrated marketing plan for the Short’s Brewing Company, including defining the unifying theme, outlining the strategy, describing the tactics, and discussing the budget, timeline and performance metrics.

Are you asleep yet?

If this presentation were to deliver a traditional marketing recommendation in a conventional PowerPoint format, you just might be. But wake up! Short’s Brewing is anything but traditional, and for them, neither “old media” solutions nor “death by PowerPoint” will do.

Instead, this presentation is about unleashing the power of social media – with a promotion anchored by YouTube consumer-generated video content and supported by Facebook, Twitter, blogger outreach and more – to unlock the potential of the Short’s brand. In other words, it embraces the New Rules of Marketing and PR . Moreover, the information will be conveyed by following a few “new rules” for presentations, too, as outlined in Garr Reynolds’ book, Presentation Zen .

So, like the one-of-a-kind beers Short’s brews, this “prezo” has been “hand crafted” to reflect the style, personality and voice of the company and its founder, Joseph Short. Joe’s approach to the business of brewing and distributing beer is casual and hands-on, with an emphasis on creativity (his and his team members’) and an obvious nod to the natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle of his corner of Michigan paradise – on the shores of Torch Lake.

This presentation is deliberately designed to look a little “grungy” around the edges, like Joe Short. But don’t be fooled by informality -- as a business man, Joe is wise beyond his years, not just about brewing, but marketing too. So the presentation must deliver the goods, including specifics about how and why Short’s should take their web and social media efforts (which are already off to a great start) to the next level, and how it can help their bottom line.

With that introduction, here’s the presentation:

In look, voice and content, it aims to be true to the essence of this very intriguing brand. The goal is to keep Short’s friendly, “beer-next-door” brand feeling as they prepare for an expansion that will make them a much larger company. To meet that challenge, this plan engages consumers in a new way, encouraging them to tell their own stories.

It’s hoped that the campaign will not only help Short’s sell more beer, but in the process, align the brand with the state’s current zeitgeist and celebrate Michigan’s great stories.

photo credits:  Taps, Joe Short on the River, and 3 Shorts, all by Shorts Brewing Company

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